Sharif Abdullah is available to speak on these seven interrelated themes:

  • Creating a World That Works for All
  • Feeding Our Hunger for the Sacred 
  • Envisioning an Inclusive World 
  • The Zen of Globalization 
  • Our War with "The Other" 
  • Conflict Resolution and Terrorism 
  • Power, Leadership and Values 


    Sharif has been keynote speaker and lecturer on various college campuses around the country, including the University of California at Berkeley, University of Michigan, San Francisco State University, Belmont Abbey College (NC), Portland State University, and others.

    Sharif is a frequent radio guest and commentator, appearing on several nationally syndicated programs, including “New Dimensions Radio”, “The Heart of the Matter”, “Wisdom Radio” and others.

    Sharif was a keynote presenter at “The Century of Auschwitz”, a 1999 conference on genocide held in Krakow, Poland.

    For three years, Sharif was a presenter at the “International Conference on Conflict Resolution”, held in St. Petersberg, Russia.

    At the invitation of President Vaclav Havel, Sharif Abdullah was one of 40 world leaders participating in Forum 2000, held in Prague, Czech Republic in 1998.

    Sharif has been keynote speaker and workshop leader with national organizations like the Association for Humanistic Psychology, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Institute for Sustainable Development, and others


    In addition to being an inspirational and motivational speaker, Sharif Abdullah is also an award-winning author.  "Creating a World That Works for All" is the winner of the Book of the Year Award (Current Events) from the Independent Book Publishers Association (2000).  His other writings include "The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times" and a chapter in the four-volume set, "The Psychology of Terrorism".
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 inspirational speaker...

    "...I have always believed there was still hope for humanity.  … I am grateful to have found a voice such as [Sharif Abdullah's] that gives strength to my own convictions."--  JK

    "… His speeches mesmerize the students; he speaks with uncommon wisdom and clarity... His talks have been popular, insightful, entertaining, and important for people to hear."

    -- SS
    ...a leader for inclusive globalization.

    ... Sharif Abdullah is recognized nationally and internationally as an advocate for a "third path", a radical vision of globalization, based on human and spiritual values, beyond the extremes of secular globalization and religious fundamentalism.

    "Sharif Abdullah... became highly popular with the audience during the course of this year's conference, for his often outspoken, thought- provoking remarks and comments."

    The Prague Post

     "Wow! I just read ... Creating A World That Works For All.  I read approximately 75 books each year ... this one is by far the most compelling book I've ever read...... ever."
     -- MS

    Sharif Abdullah is available for lectures, presentations and workshops.
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