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Commonway's Principles  
...the essence of our work is ridding our society of FEAR...   

The Push: “The Worst of Times...”
America is pulling itself apart at the seams.  The dividing lines that separate us – lines of class, caste, color and ideology – are getting wider, with no end in sight.  We have lost our spiritual center.  No one person or group can solve our problems:  only by learning and practicing inclusivity will we be able to pull together instead of pulling apart.
The Pull:  “The Best of Times...”
We stand on the brink of one of the most profound cultural and spiritual shifts in human history.  All around the world, people by the millions are actively catalyzing a world that works for all. 

People are meeting the challenges of our times with creativity, joy and a deep spiritual reverence.  They are acting like their lives have meaning in the world.  These turbulent times are calling forth authentic leaders who are adept at surfing through chaos.  These leaders are creating a world beyond war and beyond fear:  a world that works for all. 

Our job: to encourage people to walk this path.

We help people understand human ecology and show them how to catalyze inclusivity -- both within themselves and in the world.  We do this through workshops, classes and other learning opportunities.
We also conduct projects, events and activities for organizations and individuals that catalyze and demonstrate inclusivity.  We do this as consultants to other organizations (client-based projects) and as internal activities (Commonway -sponsored projects).
Commonway is an inclusive social change organization, dedicated to creating a society that works for all. Our goal is to foster inclusive, sustainable human societies on an ecologically viable planet. We are “Advocates of the Whole”. We help organizations and individuals catalyze beneficial, value-driven transformations within themselves, their organizations and our society as a whole.
The essence of our work is ridding ourselves, our organizations and our society of fear.  The root of our problems lies in fear, and the stress, anger, hostility and violence produced by fear.  Fear is simply another form of violence.  We encourage people to cross the boundaries that separate us.
It is only through a profound shift in consciousness that a new society can be born. We all must undergo this shift.  A change in consciousness must precede any change in institutions, laws or social patterns.  The necessary change is specific: from “I am Separate” to “We are One”. We can’t solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them.  Our deep divisions and seemingly insurmountable problems are leading us to new ways of working together.
We have to move beyond “honoring diversity” to embrace inclusivity. We must learn and practice human ecology: building healthy, balanced and dynamic human interactions from our currently toxic ones.   If our society doesn’t work for everybody, it doesn’t work for anybody.
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